Warren Gesin

Warren photographed in his home in Hollywood, December 2013, by Lance Dawes

NAME Warren Gesin  ASTROLOGICAL SIGN Aquarius  WEBSITE www.BeatsMusic.com WHAT IS YOUR PRESENT STATE OF MIND? Free!  WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST? She's an author actually, S.E. Hinton. She wrote books that influenced my life, my growing up: The Outsiders, That Was Then This Is Now, Tex and Rumble Fish.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR | FLOWER? Black is my favorite color. Succulents and orchids.  WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER THE MOST OVERRATED VIRTUE? I don't consider any of them overrated.  WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR? Losing loved ones. And snakes.  WHICH LIVING PERSON DO YOU MOST ADMIRE? I admire each and every one of my friends. I learn something new from all of them daily and they inspire me to live a fuller life and take risks. They make me smile and laugh constantly and I'm a lucky man to have them.  WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE FICTIONAL HERO? Both characters from movies: Kelly Leak from "The Bad News Bears" and Richie White from "Over the Edge."  WHO ARE YOUR REAL-LIFE HEROES? Those who take chances without the fear of failure stopping them.  WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED POSSESSION? Everything I own could go up in flames tomorrow and it wouldn't matter. The only thing that I treasure is my relationship with my family and with my friends.  WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF PERFECT HAPPINESS? I don't think I have one? Not sure I'll ever have "perfect happiness". The past few months I've been on a quest to open my heart and mind and live life in a new way so I guess this moment right now could be considered my perfect happiness!  WHAT IS YOUR CHIEF CHARACTERISTIC? Being kind. Able to adapt to every situation. Finding humor in nearly everything.  WHAT IS THE TRAIT YOU MOST DEPLORE IN OTHERS? Tardiness. Being Passive-Aggressive.  WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE NAMES? Shelby and Madison, my nieces.  IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I worry way too much about how I appear to other people. I think too much about what they think about me.  WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE? So far Italy is the place for me. I absolutely will be 74 years old sitting on the corner drinking espresso and wine while wearing a beat-up Borsalino hat with pink pants and a fresh flower in the lapel of my jacket.  WHAT IS THE QUALITY YOU MOST ADMIRE IN A MAN? Honestly. Being respectful to others. Sense of humor.  WHAT IS THE QUALITY YOU MOST ADMIRE IN A WOMAN? The same as above, along with having a passion for what she does.  IF YOU WERE RE-INCARNATED AS A PERSON OR AN ANIMAL, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? Something with wings.  WHO HAS BEEN THE GREATEST INFLUENCE ON YOU? My parents. They are the most positive and giving people I know. To call them both my heroes would not be giving them enough credit. They are every bit the reason I am the man I am today and I love them.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOTTO? My Mom woke me up every morning saying "Rise and Shine". That seems appropriate. Also the lyrics from "Fun Fun Fun" by the Big Boys and "I Gotta Have A Song" by Stevie Wonder.